Saya Song

I will haunt your dreams...
Midwest sweetheart. Model, dancer, artist, & musician.

"A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do."

I have always admired the naked human body and I have always been a pleasure-seeker. I was perving-out on Playboy long before I even knew what sex was. I was always a little "boy-crazy" and wild, but I was a late-bloomer. I was 14 when I had my first real kiss (with a girl); then I made out with anyone I could (until the age of 17, when I started having sex with nearly everyone I could). When I was 21, I found myself stripping for extra cash; however, I could not keep my eyes off of the other dancers! The female form is so beautiful. I was a bad stripper because I was mesmerized by all of the other women. A few years later, I discovered that I could make money by selling clips of myself masturbating. I thought that was insane; who would pay to watch that? It turned out that there was a lot of people willing to pay to watch me make myself cum in many different ways and my ability to gush like Niagara Falls kept them coming back for more. As I explored deeper into my sexuality, my self-confidence grew. After a couple of years of producing amateur clips, I found my way into mainstream porn where my voracious sexual appetite was welcomed and satiated.

I am currently on a hiatus from performing to focus on my health. I would love to return someday to create more amazing porn!