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"A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do."


A pleasure-seeker for as long as I can remember, I began exploring my sexuality at a very young age.  I started out like most -- secretly reading my dad's smut magazines at a young age.  I found myself simultaneously desiring and wanting to be the women I saw on the pages of Playboy.  Going from stripping to shooting sexy selfies for GodsGirls to fucking in adult films, performing on-stage and on-screen opened up the world for me.

Born in South Korea, I was adopted as a baby and raised in a traditional, white American home

Growing up in the conservative Midwest was difficult and I always sought a more diverse environment in which I could blossom; I found that living in Los Angeles and among a solid community of people in the same business as myself.  I have been blessed with amazing friends and fans in the industry who appreciate my refreshing honesty and unconventional insight.  My low tolerance for bullshit and opinionated voice have made waves throughout my life, but the world will always judge you so you might as well stay true to yourself!  While I'm full of personality, I also know the proper time and place for everything.

If you have seen my adult films, you may have gathered that I am a sensual lover.  It is said that Tauruses express their love through their sex.  Soft touches get my blood flowing and I love to please my partner.  Every hole of mine is wet and ready at any given moment.  My size 5.5 feet are soft and skilled; they love attention!  My petite curves and soft skin are perfect for cuddling up with at the end of a long day.  I can be a sweet pleasure doll or a dominant goddess; either way, I know how to take care of my partner's every desire.

My interest in travel has expanded recently.  Most of my experiences are within the United States, but I would love to travel to Asia and Europe in the near future!  I enjoy exploring the local cuisine of each city I visit, whether it be a greasy diner or fine-dining establishment; there are few foods that I do not enjoy.  I also love to read books and watch films from various genres.  I've always found music to be deeply moving and I began playing the piano at the age of 9, the trumpet at the age of 10, and clarinet at the age of 12.  My musical tastes vary; I enjoy listening to classical and jazz, as well as hip-hop and heavy metal, and almost everything in between.

Those individuals lucky enough to get to truly know me will find that I am an easy-going, sweet, and fun-loving person who would go to the moon and back for my friends.  I gain so much pleasure from making others happy!  While I like to be funny, silly, and sexy, I also enjoy deep, intellectually-stimulating conversations and life-enriching activities.


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